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We believe that we are in the business of creating homes for people by winning their hearts. By extending individualistic services to customers, we have fostered an unmatched lifetime bond with them. And we take pride in being one of the few groups in the Realty sector who have prioritized their requirements and build structures that deliver to delight.

Lifelong Maintenance

The group assures its customers of lifelong maintenance of the amenities on the resort villa projects adding value, appreciation of the investment and enhanced customer satisfaction. The resort villa projects also support the property owners to let out their villas and make additional profits on investments; making it a win-win situation for them.

Customer Acknowledgements:

1: We were searching for options where we could build a small cozy cottage that is surrounded by a green, peaceful and quite environment, where my kids would enjoy the outdoors and every weekend would seem like a picnic…. Palm Village Murbad won hands down on everything we were scouting for! Thank you Eco Realities.

2: Most weekend homes become a burden to maintain after the initial excitement dies down, often the builders also abandon the up keep and the whole project becomes unviable and there is no appreciation of our investments. But Eco offered us lifelong maintenance of the property and so the idea of a hassle free weekend home has remained enjoyable to my friends and family even today.

3: My wife and I were looking for an exquisite villa with fantastic amenities and luxuries of a resort life. Our dream villa was definitely going to be unique, stylish and replete with all comforts. Eco Group gave us that perfect dream home. I travel just 2 hours on weekends and rejuvenate at my spacious villa.

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