Freshness hand in hand with an elegant style have settled on the soil of the ‘Palm village’, a graceful European style project consisting bungalows and row houses. The mother nature resides here in her dew drop fresh attire the whole day, the whole year. The blues, greens, yellow, pinks, violets, browns, so on and even the white and black.. all colors here dance afresh on their own mesmerizing music, which all is just a dream in the busy city of Mumbai.

So step out of Mumbai, and step in the ‘Palm Village’, an excellent relief from demanding life of Mumbai. Breathe some fresh air and give your senses a magnificent treat of fantastic visual, smells, taste, sound and touch too.

A perfect blend of luxury, style and the wholesome nature with a lots of recreational activities can be taken pleasure of here. While the environment exemplifies freedom of life, the development of the project sets an example of leading a luxurious life with an
elegant style that you would had always wished to live with. The
project is built synchronizing the natural fresh surrounding. The planning, space, design, material, colors, uphold the harmony with the Mother Nature.

The location- your own hill station: ‘Palm Village’ Phase II is situated on the slope on the small hill which will remind you of hill station bunglows of Shimla & Mount Abu. It gives a great sight of Bhimashankar hills and overlooks the green paddy fields & Palm Village Phase I.

The Space: Every bunglow in ‘Palm Village' will have 15ft lawn in front up to the road which is specially designed to eliminate boundaries between nature and your home. The magical ecosystem here is such that the viacious and blissful nature with all its ever morning freshness here will warmly greet you every day of the year.

The feel: All the bunglows are designed to maintain harmony with the surrounding nature. On stepping inside, a huge living room with open kitchin & dining space, high roof & wide French windows collectively provide a spacious and well-ventilated house framing a good sight of the green enviorment. A wide veranda and open terrace keeps one closely connected to the nature and enjoy its all day ling freshness. The look of the entire project – Interiors and exteriors along with the lawn and other facilities give a feel of an elegant and developed European style.

The Vastu: The complete project is designed as per Vastu Shastra & whole project is made positive with various vastu yantras giving positive and prosperous result to the eco friendly people.

Nature Study Zones: A special area of 1.5 acre is reserved to creat nature study zone where fresh vegetables, Medicinal plants and fruit trees will be planted and nutured on organic fertilizer. This zone is mainly being created for our next generation to get acquainted with mother nature, its beautiful life process and its fruits.